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Bubble Waffles made fresh and served with a side of amazing.

About Us


Who Are We?

Syrup Bubble Waffle is the first (and currently only) Bubble Waffle experience in the Austin, Texas area. We are happily working the farmers market and festival circuit! You can currently find us serving Bubble Waffles at the Wolf Ranch Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. 


What Do We Do?

Syrup Bubble Waffle serves a unique bubble waffle experience.  Our Original Bubble Waffle is served “plane” with just a little bit of locally sourced honey, and powdered sugar (Think of a funnel cake, but WAY better). We also serve awesome Bubble Waffle combinations. Check out our menu for more deliciousness. 


What is a Bubble Waffle?

Most people want to know what a Bubble Waffle is and that’s hard to describe, but it’s delicious. Think waffle, but better! 

Come check out the best Bubble Waffles in Austin.

Cone Combinations

All Waffles are gluten free and delicious!